Like many expert office, the PACA Expertises SCP works in the respect of strong professional ethical standards. It is subjected to legislative and regulation obligations taken from de civil and penal code and must comply with the ethical standards of the car and maritime experts code.
The expertise office PACA Expertises has certificates such as : state certificate, VGA and prefectorial. Approval and is also a member of the french national trade unionist chamber of car expert (CSNEAF)

Because of the financial inducing aspects, the experts of PACA Expertises must be as much impartial as possible and must not fail to keep promise.

No possible outside influences in regards to his assignments. The expert will always acts according to his ethical standards.
  In addition to his professional commitments, the expertise office PACA Expertises offers :
Responsiveness   Intervention within 48 hours
Availability   Following-up of the case by a sole expert
Mobility  We cover the whole south-east area, Corsica, Sardaigne and Italy
Compliance   With statute book of "professional ethic and deontology of vehicle and boat expert "
Efficiency  Implementation of the insurance companies prescriptions